What is Success…and How do we Measure It?

I know what success means to me.  Success is – living the perfect day, each and everyday.

My perfect days is simple – it would involve an early start – exercise, fresh food (if it has a label – it’s not fresh!), lots of time spent with my family, and working on my investments.

The way I measure my success in life is to see how close each day comes to my perfect day.

I’ve tried counting cash in the bank, houses, sports cars and boats.  I’ve been on numerous holidays and travelled the world.

I’ve been lucky enough to work in my “dream job” as a scuba diving instructor on the Great Barrier Reef.

I’ve been up mountains and run marathons but none of these things make me successful in my own mind.

I have found that to measure my success in life is best done by comparing my current day against my perfect day.  This gives me a instant and accurate gauge on how close I am to that one goal.

Simply by knowing what a perfect day entails means I can work towards it.

So often, usually when we have time to reflect, we look at the masses of useless “stuff” we have accumulated over the years, on relection; we stop and wonder – do we really need it? what made us buy it? did it make us happy? and most importantly, if it did make us happy, for how long?

The law of attachment!

Thinking of it this way – If one bit of stuff, made us happy then there would be no more searching, no more purchasing, no more striving for the next big thing.

The world as we know it would collapse and Apple’s investors wouldn’t be very impressed.  Let’s imagine, if the New iPad was so great, so perfect, so complete, we consumers didn’t need another Apple product ever again.  They wouldn’t sell their updates, apps or their iPad 4, 5, 6.  And that would be that!

I’m no psychologist but it’s easy to observe that the human race in 2013 is programmed to want more, to better ourselves and our lives?

Society has taught us that we should seek improvement not just as a physical being but also as a mindful being.  And so what was survival of the fittest has become a inner struggle with our own mind to be the best and succeed.

I see it in my 5-year-old boy, he wants the latest games and toys.  Daddy I need it!!

I also see that after an hour, a day or a week it doesn’t fulfil him anymore.  He’s moved on to the next thing!

Like me his perfect day doesn’t require “stuff”.  His perfect day involves time spent with the people he cares for and care for him and a space and time when he can be at peace in his own moment, with no distractions of what next or what if.

In essence, my perfect day means I have time to do what I want – when I want – with whom I want, but the devil is in the detail, because that allows us to monitor our progress.

What is your perfect day?  Think about it and make a start by writing it down, do it alone or do it with your family.  This is a really powerful way to make a mark in the sand so you know where you are and where you want to get to.

It puts things into perspective and helps you decide what is really important.

You might even find you are spending a vast amount of your time on something that isn’t in your perfect day and doesn’t help you get there.  With a new perspective, you may choose to immediately stop doing it.

That extra time will give you space to focus on the things that would be in your perfect day and will help you achieve the perfect day.

Life has events, we have all lost days to an event we could never have predicted.  I might spend 60 hours in one week on a single project.

I love working, because I enjoy the effect.  I have a cause, helping other business owners create their own success.  I have a clear strategy and it’s on my own terms.  The effect I gain enables me to live my perfect day.

I don’t want to be a slave to my business or a boss (if I had one) but it fits into my perfect day because the end goal, and more importantly how it makes me feels along the way, fits.

If it fits into your perfect day, or helps you on the journey towards it, then you are on the road to the ultimate prize in life.

Bon Chance!


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