Calling All Business Owners

Consider Yourself and what YOU want.

Ask yourself and your business the following questions…if YES is the answer to two or more – then please consider your next step, take action and call me for a free chat.

Cash Flow

  • Are you under constant cashflow pressure?
  • Is there a hole in your cashflow bucket?

Profit & Loss

  • Have you experienced a reduction in your gross margin in the last 3 years?
  • Do you make a loss or net profit less than 5%?


  • Have you cut all of your overheads but still need to find some savings?
  • Have you reduced waste but still have high costs within the business?

Balance Sheet

  • Do you have a liability or debt within the business that is preventing it from growing and moving forward?

Products and Services

  • Would it be possible to increase profitability by focusing on the right products or services for your business?
  • Is it impossible to focus on higher margin products and service because current overheads are too high?


  • Do some, but not all of your customers generate profitable business?
  • Would it benefit your business if all your customers paid on time?


  • Do any of your suppliers provide unreliable and/or inefficient services?
  • Would it benefit your business if you could always pay your suppliers on time?

Quality and Performance

  • Are you and your staff, personally being affected by the current circumstances – and is this effecting performance?
  • At any point – has the quality of your product and service become affected by the current challenges in the business?

Future Direction

  • Would it benefit you and your business if you had a clear, concise, documented strategy for the immediate, medium and long-term?
  • Do you need to recapture your “Day 1” passion and drive?


  • Would the business benefit from an investment?

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