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Becoming a first time landlord can be a daunting and risky business, that’s why many banks in the UK have shied away from lending to landlords who have no previous experience.

Because the LetMe product eliminates all unexpected hidden costs and risk, whilst paying more overall to the landlord, newbies entering into property investment are choosing to use LetMe ahead of any other option in the market.

LetMe is the fastest, most efficient full property management service in the UK guaranteeing a solid, secure rental income while at the same time reducing the risk, hassle and cost of renting property.

The LetMe service includes a rental assurance as standard with a full 12-months rent upfront across a 1-5 year renewable contract, with no management fees and a guarantee on the property’s return condition.

As part of a wider business with net assets of £180million, LetMe ensures a fast, more efficient turnaround than letting agents.  More secure financial backing also means savings are passed to you by paying you more overall for your property, and paying it to you in advance.

As a LetMe client you are fully protected from issues such as unforeseen rental voids, property damage and potential tenant payment disputes, while all the time keeping your investment earning you a high return… leaving you to get on with the things you’d rather be doing.

    “LetMe have considered all the downsides or being a landlord.  Their service eliminates all the risk, cost, time and hassle, leaving a hands-off, risk free solution.  It’s unique and unrivalled, the most exciting product to come into the property industry in recent years.  ”   – Pension Fund Manager

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The Dream Tenant and the Perfect Landlord!

After much thought they realised that solving the problem was simple – they needed to create a dream tenant and a perfect landlord, then put them together.

LetMe was born…

The Dream Tenant

  • Pay 12-months rent upfront
  • Guarantees the condition of your property
  • Signs an agreement, up to 5 years, with no voids or arrears
  • They manages everything so you can sit-back and relax

 The Perfect Landlord

  • Charges NO fees
  • Requires NO deposit
  • Let’s you move in for free with NO upfront rent
  • Adds on NO margin to the repair cost of any accidental damage you cause

 A Revolutionary Service

LetMe pay the Landlord 10% under market rent and charge the Tenant 10% over market rent.  There are no other fees or charges to either party – EVER!

LetMe can sign-up your entire portfolio, currently tenanted or not.  We will pay you 12-months rent upfront and manage everything on 1 or 100+ units.

We work with build to rent property developers who want the security of a 5 year FRI lease and property investment funds who package our – guaranteed rent, no void, no arrears solution.

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SHOCKER! – Landlord takes 12-month holiday whilst their tenant is left to fully manage Everything!

Temp-Logo-Colour-ChiocesWhat would you do, where would you go, if your tenant paid you 12-months rent upfront on the day they moved in?

No risk of voids or arrears for the entire year.

They also guarantee the properties condition so you don’t need to worry about the property being damaged.

The tenant manages everything throughout the term and keeps you inform of any issues that are your responsibility, like the boiler service, but they get it sorted at cost without adding on a margin.

The LetMe fully managed service offers all this and more…no need for rent guarantee insurance premiums and claims, no DPS or collection admin.

We pay upfront rent for a single property or an entire portfolio.  Whether currently tenanted or not, we can make you an immediate offer.

Our 10% margin is clear and transparent, it includes a fully managed hands-off service with guaranteed rent, paid upfront every 12 months – with no further fees or charges that other letting agents add on.

We work with developers, property investment funds and landlords across the UK and can offer a pre-let contract to enhance your application for finance.  We have 1 – 5 year agreements and are fast and efficient, taking minutes rather than days and weeks.

Recent Working Example

Manchester – 65 units – Market Rent £700 / month – LetMe 12-months rent upfront payment – £491,400

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Live the lie of success…

Last week one of my business partners dropped a bomb-shell.

We were chatting about a company we both know well.

I know one of the partners and he knows the other.

The guy I know is a great sales guy.  He is a marketing expert and believes in networking.

From the conversations we had, and the news stories that were coming from him, it was fair to assume the business was doing really well in 2011.

My business partner knows the other partner, who is the financial director.

He told a different story, of a struggling business, backs against the wall.  At one point in 2011, they came close to becoming insolvent.

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